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- Новый год, Рождество - A4 decoupage card Hobby-Decor, HD053NY

A4 decoupage card Hobby-Decor, HD053NY

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Артикул: HD053NY

This motif is one of a set of prints Christmas, Vintage (the"Vintage Christmas"). Set includes A4 backgrounds - HD235BG, HD236BG, HD237BG, motif on the lid shields - HD053NY, motives for toys - HD052NY.

Decoupage card Hobby-Decor with a density of 50-55 g/m is used in the technique of decoupage.


1. Direct decoupage. the Surface on which glue decoupage card, cover a white acrylic primer to color on the motive remained intense. Apply glue to the work surface and then glue the card and gently smooth to avoid creases and bubbles under it. After drying to security or trim a free edge of the paper and varnish, which will protect the motive from moisture and mechanical damage.

2. Implantation. to Prepare the map, cut the desired item. Put the motif face down on the file, apply the acrylic paint quickly and evenly. Flip the motif and transfer to the prepared work surface. Using a file to smooth out the motive, pressing with a roller/spatula/cotton fabric. After drying slightly wet the motif of water and gently roll the top layer of paper, leaving the implanted pattern. To cover with varnish.