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Why do we choose stencils by TATI stencil?

 Because they are SPECIAL !!!


In this article we will talk about the benefits of TATI stencil. After that you will have no doubt that TATI stencil are convenient, cost-effective and provide effective results in work with them.

So, let's begin:

  1.  100% TRANSPARENT stencil  -  convenience when applying the pattern, you know exactly where to lay down the paint or structural paste!
  2. Without ADHESIVE LAYER -  it is possible to turn the stencil and apply the material mirrorly! There are no pieces of glue at your work!
  3. FLEXIBLE stencil 0.3 mm thick  -  much thicker than the foil stencils! Ideal for paint application, when dealing with the structural paste provides high relief! With this thickness TATI stencil "lives" longer than others!
  4. VOLUMETRIC stencil 0.5 mm thick  -  the best choice for the application of the structural paste! It gives all of us a favorite volume in different techniques: stamping, mix media, volumetric stencil painting and can be the basic for the sculptural painting! Stencil brush is recommended to use for applying the paint!
  5. TATI stencil presents six sizes  -  from the budget small 9 x 6 cm to 30 cm large. Also for your convenience, there are borders on individual stencils! Whichever size you choose not - still save!
  6. QUALITY of stencils - always perfectly clear-cut of pattern makes your work neat!
  7. REUSABLE  -  long service life is provided due to the thickness of the stencil and durable material! Respect is not canceled!
  8. The COLOR DIFFERENCE - for your convenience TATI stencil divided volumetric and flexible stencils by color! Now when buying/ordering stencils, you will see  volumetric  stencil on a blue background, and  flexible  - on a pink background!
  9. CREATIVE approach of TATI stencil - aesthetic packaging and informative liner available to every stencil!
  10. Constant EXPANSION of ASSORTMENT  -  TATI stencil regularly surprise you with novelties among volumetric and flexible stencils!
  11. The ability to BULK orders of stencils by TATI stencil!


You can familiarize with assortment and make an order here -



TATI stencil helps you to create masterpieces and 

bring you pleasure working with them!